is a pioneer attempt to document the unconventional art in cities far removed from the street art main stage. Showcasing the robust, varied, inventive art exhibited on streets of Belgrade, the book reflects a unique talent and energy of the city that is about to become the new inspirational hotspot for street art creators and lovers.
Featuring images of an acclaimed conceptual photographer Marko Todorovic, this unique document follows the work of 352, Tkv, Air and other more or less well known artists, from their beginings almost five years ago up to the moment of printing in June 2010.
What makes this book special is that a hard copy is a point of entry which enables you to explore the "hidden" world of street art. When combined with smart phone the book brings out different multimedia content layered over its pages: interviews, videos, new artworks ...
As an ongoing experimental project explores and demonstrates new possibilities opened up by augmented reality. Each page of the book is about to become a platform for various additional content. At the same time as a part of project, the first ever interactive stencil was pasted on the walls of Belgrade. The work by street artist AiR is layered with the video clip of its creation. These digital interventions will be added and changed over time in order to reflect the ephemeral nature of street art.

How to discover additional content

1. Download and install junaio application for iPhone or Android smart phone
2. In junaio browser search for channel
3. Point your phone towards book page
4. Discover additional content

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Book is available at Magma Books London, Supermarket Concept Store Belgrade and Amazon.

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Production: LiveViewStudio Concept & Photography: Marko Todorovic